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The goal of IPPD is the development and affirmation of psychotherapy, through promoting scientific research and the theoretical and clinical process of formation of the physicians and psychologists in psychotherapy and psychiatry, based on the national and international formation criteria and through the application of the psychotherapeutic treatment of the psychiatric patients in their social rehabilitation, in family and couple counseling and in personal development.

IPPD collaborates with national and international institutions and universities to accomplish its goals and to facilitate the communication with other psychotherapeutic associations based on mutual respect between the representatives of different types of psychotherapies and assures the cooperation between all the organizations and persons preoccupied with the benefits of psychotherapy.

The objectives of IPPD are:

  • the promotion of scientific research through the organization of conferences, participating in research projects, publishing articles;
  • the promotion of the psychotherapeutic formation through the organization of a professional formation system, both theoretical and clinical, for the physicians and psychologists interested in psychiatry and psychotherapy;
  • the application of psychotherapeutic methods through increasing the accessibility of the population to psychiatric consultations  and psychotherapy, the organization of rehabilitating activities and social reintegration.